Tumbleweed Cinch Collection

*Available in pony/mini and draft sizes. Please indicate desired sizes in comments during checkout*

What is it?

Our Tumbleweed Cinch Collection is a semi-custom cinch line. YOU choose the type of cinch (17 strand straight or 23 strand roper) and size, but WE choose the colors! The cinches will be tied on stainless steel hardware and will have nylon-reinforced/sewn centers. Because we are not adding extra detail work and are choosing from colors we have on hand, we can reduce the price of this specific line. If you want to choose the colors of your cinch, ordering from our fully-custom line is your best option.


$95 for a 17 strand straight cinch, $110 for a 23 strand roper cinch. TWO CINCH MINIMUM, plus shipping.

How To Order

These MUST be ordered directly from The Tumbleweed Cinch Collection in our online store.

*There are three listing options: two roper cinches, two straight cinches, or one of each.

Turnaround Time

Around 3 weeks to ship from date of order. A tracking number will be emailed when your cinches are finished.

These simple cinches are still made with our high-quality materials and attention to detail, and will come to you ready to work HARD!

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