Custom 100% Mohair Tack, Hand-Tied in Bozeman, MT

Outstanding quality, comfort, style & service, that you just won't find in a big-box tack store.

Our beautiful 100% Mohair cinches are breathable, easy to care for, slightly elastic, and very comfortable for your horse.

Whether you decide on a fully custom cinch, purchase one of our semi-customizable “Tied in Your Size” options, or something from our finished inventory, you and your horse will be ready to get the job done, in comfort and style.

Begin A Custom Order

The information and details we need from you, and how to get an order started.

Tied in Your Size

A Semi-Custom Line. Pre-selected patterns & colors, but tied to the size you need with the hardware you prefer.

In-Stock Items

In-stock Mohair cinches and breast collars, ready to ship.

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Meet Dana & Tracy

Each cinch is hand-tied in Bozeman, Montana, by sisters Dana and Tracy Eklund. 

Big Sky Mohair Cinches was born out of necessity- a horse at the therapeutic riding program where they worked required a 42″ cinch- a tough size to find! Their goal is to create a highly usable piece of tack that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Because a comfortable horse can get the job done.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions!

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Awesome! You're one step closer to your beautiful Mohair cinch!

We will be back in touch with you in 2-4 business days with your custom quote. You may hear from us sooner if we need additional information to finalize your quote.